Welcome to the future InterLakes Jr/Sr High School Library Website. If you have stumbled upon this site, please feel free to browse through…but know that it is a work in progress all summer long & will keep changing! While I have your attention though, let me give the *typical* librarian talk about SUMMER READING!

First of all, summer is the BEST time to read–you can read on top of mountains, on the beach, in a hammock, even at your town library…anywhere you like!

And there are lots of reasons TO read.

1. People think you’re cooler.
2. You actually are cooler.
3. It wins the hearts of adults over and they think you’re a good kid.
4. It actually makes you a good kid. (Really.)
5. It helps make all of your classes easier and helps your writing, which makes your school year easier and more fun.
6. It increases your vocabulary, so you sound smart, witty, and charming.
7. It actually makes you smart. And witty. And charming (sometimes).
8. It helps you understand what happens in the world outside of Meredith, NH.
9. It helps you understand other people’s problems ( = it makes you nicer).
10. And lastly…when you read, you are engrossing yourself in the simple act of humanity that has been taking place since cavemen were writing on walls. You are giving and taking, you are reading communication of the soul, you are understanding what makes us people. So reading, in effect, makes you an all around better person. Trust me, it’s been proven.

I look forward to meeting you this fall!
Mrs. Miller, your new librarian, forever at your service

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