August 12-16 is Graphic Novel Week!

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I used to be a GN snob…and refused to read them. That was until I read Artie Spiegelman’s MausAnd then I found Persepolis and American Born Chinese and… and.. and it kept going.

Graphic novels are interesting critters.  Since the first GN was published in 1978–A Contract With God by Will Eisner–6 different types of GNs have emerged: superhero stories, human interest stories, manga, spin-offs or adaptations, satire, and non-fiction. GNs require a different kind of reading. You have to pay attention to the characters’ expressions and the lines and shadows that the author/illustrator has purposefully included. You also have to pay attention to the words, because GNs often use more complex vocabulary than a regular novel.

When you get back to school, come on up and check out our new graphic novel section, and if you’ve read one that you think we should own, let me know!

Mrs. Miller

For Teachers: Look at these GREAT RESOURCES for using graphic novels in the classroom!

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