You’re Back!

Welcome back to school everyone! Your first week back, be sure to stop in, say hi to your new LIBRARIAN, and see some of the new things that are here, like our new FISH, our new LAYOUT, our new SIGN IN CENTER, our new STUDENT RESOURCE CENTER, and our new GRAPHIC NOVEL SHELVES.

But keep checking back in, because there are more changes on the way…like our new CURRENT EVENT TELEVISION, our new DIGITAL SANDBOX, our new MEDIA LAB, and of course, our new BOOKS (quick aside: SO MANY good ones on the way!).

A great way to stay current on what’s happening is to follow us on our new SOCIAL MEDIA SITES! Over to the right, there you’ll see we have Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, and Pinterest. Click, like, follow, and find out what’s happening as soon as it happens!

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