New Books Are In!

new books2We just got a huge order of new books–come check them out! You can learn some Galactic Phrases, go to Victorian England to battle with vampires, remember what it was like to be aboard the Titanic in its last hours, feel the terror of a village being terrorized by a mysterious, destructive monster, or experience the story of a real boy who survived 10 Holocaust concentration camps.

Immerse yourself into the true tale of the lost heroes of Seal Team 10 or the thoughtful insight of a gay teenage boy who is sick of being “the gay kid.” Read how the short life of Tupac and his long-lived rap affects a Queens gang-infested neighborhoodnew books 1.

We have Alice in Wonderland–the graphic novel, manga-style, the story of kids climbing Everest, and a new contemporary, heart-breaking version of the Frog Prince.

Whatever your interest, there is definitely a new book in for you! Stop by and check them out!

Your librarian,
Mrs. Miller

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