The Flume Nominees are Here!

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displayThe Flume nominees are here! The Flume is an award given to student-nominated books by NH students, grades 9-12. During the school year, students read as many of the books as they can, and then in April, fill out official ballots that we send to the state for tallying purposes. We have ordered multiple copies of each book and they are available on Kindle, as well. And what kinds of stories do nominees tell? (Read full descriptions here!)

*Stories about being frozen on an interstellar spaceship and then woken up 300 years later.

*Confessions of being possibly the only lesbian teen in town struggling with a difficult family situation and feeling like there’s nowhere to turn.

*A surprising, twisting tale of a British spy and her pilot who are shot down over Nazi-occupied France.

*A new mystery that takes a spin on an old one: a teenage Sherlock Holmes encounters an unexpectedly evil villain.

*The experience of two terminally-ill cancer patients who find friendship and life in one another.

*The adventures of a girl is raised in a family that specializes in art-theft.

*A hair-raising saga about being trapped in a chain-superstore during a natural disaster that ends with a chemical weapons spill.

*A haunting tale of a clairvoyant girl who is trying to break away from the prophesy that she will kill her true love if he kisses him.

*A Japanese story that weaves together the beauty of  fantasy with the adisplay 2trocities of warfare and genocide.

*And finally, there’s a popular, new cult-dystopian story of the year 2044 when all of  humanity is vying in the lottery for the ultimate prize.

Come on in–we have these in hardcover and on Kindle. Read away and get ready to vote in April!

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