Ender’s Game!

We are so excited that Ender’s Game is out in movie theatres! If you haven’t read the book yet, you MUST. Even self-admitted sci-fi haters fall in love with this book. We have four copies in the library, as well as the sequels!

Ender is a child bred to be the savior of the planet from the dreaded Buggers, an alien race that has twice attacked the earth and has twice been driven back.  The fear for the planet is the Buggers’ ability to learn from any attack thrown against them.  Because the Buggers seem to share a collective mind, every time they learn something new about earth’s tactics, they all immediately learn how to counter-attack.  For this reason, Ender has been hand selected to lead the earth’s assault to the Bugger’s home world.  His abilities and skills make him a natural leader and skilled tactician.  The mind games and training Ender endures are very interesting as well since he is of such a young age.  He is secluded from his friends and forced to think of them more as pieces on a chess board than people.

Come on in and grab a copy–and if you’ve seen the movie, let us know what you thought!

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