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The Primaries are Here!

political candidates

Next Tuesday is the New Hampshire Primary! If you are 18, be sure to get to your town’s location to vote!┬áHere at school we will be holding a school primary in the library next Tuesday. Be sure to swing by and cast your vote before 12:45!

Not sure who you should vote for? Take one of these quizzes!

Pro-Con’s survey gives a great little chart on the right that helps you follow along.

2016 Candidate Match Game from USA Today

I Side With… is a longer quiz, but much more thorough.


Sharon Draper is On Her Way!


On March 22nd, Sharon Draper is coming to spend the day with us! 7th grade students are all reading Stella by Starlight; 8th grade students are all reading Copper Sun (and Out of My Mind in book club); and 9-12 graders have the option to read any/all of her books, but in HS Book Club, we will be reading the Tears of a Tiger trilogy.

Want to spend March 22nd with Sharon Draper? Interested in doing a writing workshop with her? Be sure to give Mrs. Miller a shout so she can order books for you!