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Monday-Friday 8:00 am-3:00 pm

Tim Hayman  Librarian

Patti Bogert, Librarian Assistant

The mission of the Inter-lakes Middle High School Library is to ensure equitable access to resources for all patrons, while assisting them in being effective users and creators of ideas and information.

All visitors are required to use hand sanitizer upon entering and sign in to help with contact tracing.

All returned materials will be quarantined in an unused back room for 4 days before being circulated again.

We will maintain our virtual desk so if you are working from a classroom or remotely at home, you are able to drop in with your questions anytime!

Books & Kindles can be checked out for three weeks. These materials can be renewed for an additional three weeks.

Technology & movies can be checked out for one week. These materials can be renewed for an additional one week.

Headphones are available for one day checkouts.

The library also carries periodicals, newspapers, reference materials, videos, and text books which are for in-library use only. Please see a librarian if you need to borrow these items overnight.

Students are expected to behave in ways that ensure that all others can work productively in the library, showing respect for each other, for the resources, and the facility. Any patron who interferes with the rights of others to comfortable and safely access library resources will be asked to leave.

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